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Why Are We Here?


To better the lives and broaden the horizons of those we come in contact with.


Our Story


ThinkTank Learning was founded in 2002 by three aspiring UC Berkeley alumni who decided to take a more innovative approach towards education and high school counseling. We offer comprehensive educational services to help each student reach their full potential. From 1-on-1 tutoring, to private classrooms, to college application advice, we hire the very best to ensure a student’s success. “We thought students were being short-changed by the educational system - students were bored, their demands were not met, and they were not achieving what we knew they could,” reflects Steven Ma, the President and Co-founder of ThinkTank Learning, whose previous adventures include being a high school math teacher turned Wall Street analyst.


Believing that a student’s potential can be maximized through innovative and personalized engagement with educators, ThinkTank Learning grew at an incredible pace. Starting from a small, 100-square-foot office, it transitioned to a free-standing building in Cupertino, California within the first year. Initially only offering test preparation classes and tutoring services, we then added what has become our signature service: college admissions consulting. Within a short time, we expanded to several locations in the Bay Area. Through preparing students for success and aligning their interests with their dreams, ThinkTank Learning consultants are able to cultivate the optimal college admissions results for our students and their families. This enabled ThinkTank Learning to not only grow in the Bay Area but also expand across the Pacific Ocean, establishing a presence in China at Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shanghai.


With the successful rollout of our Master Consulting Program (MCP), which enables the delivery of our time tested academic and consulting services to anywhere in the world, we are expanding our reach both domestically and internationally. Thanks to our experienced team of educators and consultants who come from top-notch universities - and some of whom were formerly college admissions officers - ThinkTank Learning will continue to be recognized for our global service standards and localized knowledge.


The vision of ThinkTank Learning has always been to help students realize their dreams, not just through academic training and support, but by helping them identify their passions and then guiding them towards their aspirations. With the advent of technological tools, we can further our purpose of broadening the horizons of all whom we come into contact - across borders, across oceans.


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