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Features of our ACT Tutoring & ACT Programs

ACT Instructors

  • Over 25 specialized ACT tutors
  • All instructors have a personal track record for significantly increasing their students’ ACT scores.
  • Our most experienced instructors have redeveloped our ACT curriculum from the ground up

ACT Lessons

  • Each lesson is no longer dependent on the previous class
  • Miss a lesson? No problem! Our modularized lessons allow you to continue easily!
  • Modularized lessons allow the flexibility of learning at your own pace

4-Tiered System

  • We understand each student learns differently, and at their own pace
  • Each student is required to take a diagnostic test before enrollment
  • The students are then enrolled into the appropriate leveled class

Rolling Enrollment

  • Our modularized classes allow students to enroll at any time
  • Students can join in at the beginning, middle, or end of the course and still get the full learning experience

“ThinkTank Learning helped me improve both my SAT and ACT scores. I believe this program and their invaluable admissions guidance helped get me where I am today – UC Berkeley!”

“2330 on my SATs and a huge improvement on the ACT. My personal counselor helped me write a knock-out essay, and now I’ve been accepted to MIT and Princeton! Thanks, ThinkTank Learning!”

“My scores jumped 100 points, with an official score of 2360! ThinkTank Learning teachers definitely made our learning experience really enjoyable… and with their help, I will be attending USC!”

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