AP Music Theory: what High school students should know

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Having a love for music can go beyond high school students gathering favorite songs on their portable music players. It can mean taking advanced placement, or AP exams in Music Theory during high school.

Music theory advanced placement tests are college introductory courses taken before you graduate as you learn about the basic materials of music, musical structure and listening skills. It’s suggested that you have learned or are currently learning performance skills by using your voice or by practicing an instrument when taking this course.

Music Theory AP Exams

You should know the fundamentals of musical notation by being able to read or write it before taking the AP exams, according to College Board. During the class, you will also learn about recognizing rhythmic patterns, comprehending harmonic functions, and developing compositional techniques.

Test questions will extend beyond the basic types of music as you may hear music beyond Western style traditions. By taking the advanced placement test, you are showing that you have a fluency and knowledge in music fundamentals.

Colleges will look to see if you have taken AP exams in a number of subjects. By showing that you have taken Music Theory AP exams, colleges get to understand where your interests lie and whether you wish to continue to pursue a degree field regarding the musical field.

So take your exams on time to have them show in your high school transcripts when you submit your applications to colleges that you want to attend.

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  1. Adriana Castro says:

    Hi, I’m a sophomore in high school and there’s not much to say other than I love learning music theory! :)