AP Physics C Mechanics: what High school students should know

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Advanced placement courses are college introductory-level programs that high school students can take. By taking these classes and passing the AP exams, students are learning the basic foundation of the subject topic that will lead to earning their degree.

If you are interested in getting a career in science or engineering, you can take advanced placement on Physics C: Mechanics. This class encompasses calculus and Newtonian mechanics that are used in solving many physics problems.

Find Out More About Physics C: Mechanics AP Exams

The Physics C AP exams usually come in two exams but you can take just the Mechanics part of the test. This 90 minute test asks multiple choice questions as passing this test means you have completed one semester course of college-introductory classes of physics with calculus, according to College Board.

The test is separated into two parts: 35 multiple choice questions and 3 questions that are free response. You are permitted to use a calculator during the free response section but not during the multiple choice section.

Out of all types of AP exams, the Physics C: Mechanics advanced placement test is the shortest with each section going toward 50 percent of your final score. So you should study up on the mechanics portion of physics as you will be tested on circular motion and rotation; kinematics; oscillations and gravitation; Newton’s law of motion; work, energy and power; and the systems of particles.

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