Avoid a Brain-Melting Summer by Staying Cool with Books

June 10, 2015

Summer is a great time for relaxation, recreation and refreshment.  It is a good time, whether you are on a break between junior year and senior year of high school, or awaiting the beginning of your first year of college, to enjoy a bit of time doing leisurely things and bask in the summer sun. […]

Super Pawers: Students Start a Club to Rescue Stray Dogs

June 4, 2015

Students from Amador Valley High School worked with one of our college admissions consultants, Michelle Walker, to start a club on campus called the “Super Pawers Club.” The club collaborates with Love & Second Chances to encourage adoption of abandoned dogs from Taiwan. They volunteer and run an adoption booth every Saturday and help clean up dogs that […]

Meet Madeline: Her Words of Wisdom After Scoring 2360 on the SAT!

June 2, 2015

“Beyond maintaining decent tests scores and grades… try to discover your passions early and explore in high school…”   Meet Madeline, a high school senior who enrolled in ThinkTank Learning’s SAT Boot Camp course. Madeline ended up scoring a 2360 on her official SAT score! She will be attending the University of Southern California on a […]

Accepted into All 8 Ivy League Schools, but Chose None

May 28, 2015

          It’s not a shocker that Ronald Nelson (4.58 GPA, 15 AP courses, 2260 SAT, 34 ACT) got accepted into all 8 Ivy League schools, but rather his surprising choice of attending the University of Alabama.  Business Insider reported that Nelson chose to attend the University of Alabama due to a full-ride scholarship […]

Does Harvard Discriminate Against Asian Applicants?

May 21, 2015

The NYPost just released an article on Harvard discriminating against applicants of Asian background much like back in the 1920s when they limited the amount of Jewish students.  Harvard officials, of course, would deny this fact but the admissions data show otherwise. Harvard’s applicant pool has the same racial make-up year after year:  18% Asian, […]

New Changes to the ACT?! Updates Show New Facelift

May 20, 2015

The ACT Is Not Changing as Much as You Might Think The ACT just posted a recent update regarding their scoring system.  The 1-to-36 scoring system will not change, but they will be adding 4 additional “scoring categories:” STEM Score– Literally just an average of your Science and Math score. ELA Score– Literally just an […]

Should I Volunteer? How Do I Start?

May 14, 2015

Thinking about what you’re going to do over summer vacation? Well it’s never too early to start seeking out volunteer opportunities. As you prepare to start your High School journey one way to ensure a well rounded experience is to include donating some of your time to the community or a cause you believe in. […]