38 Minutes to Determine Your Educational Future

February 17, 2017

Choose a private high school at random and ask them where their students go to college. Chances are they’ll be quick to tell you. Private high schools often have excellent college placement records, sending their alums to top colleges and universities across the country year after year. So what’s the secret to their success? One […]

A 2016 Recap in Higher Education

January 27, 2017

From the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series to Donald Trump winning the White House, 2016 has been a year of surprises. With all the shocking headlines to process, you could be forgiven for losing track of what’s going on for higher education. If you’re struggling to remember what the big stories were for colleges […]

Early Decision Results!

December 23, 2016

Christmas came early this year for our students! What an amazing way to end the year! Our college admission consultants have been working around the clock with their students.  All the hard work has paid off with these amazing early decision results!

MTE: Structure & Function of Tubulin with Dr. Nogales

December 16, 2016

On this episode of “Meet the Experts” we have the honor of interviewing Eva Nogales, the first to determine the atomic structure of tubulin by electron crystallography. Eva Nogales, PhD, is a biophysicist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She is a faculty member in the Division of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology of the Department […]

Student Savers: How to Get a Better Rate on Your Tuition

December 14, 2016

Student Savers: How to Get a Better Rate on Your Tuition By Kara M. In contemporary society, tuition and textbook costs are increasing on an annual basis. Despite various economic turns and recessions, colleges and universities are not ashamed to publicize their yearly tuition increases. However, as these costs are getting higher, there are several […]

Trump & Education: 3 Things to Watch For

December 12, 2016

Trump and Education: 3 Things to Watch For By Niels V. On November 8, the “who will be president?” guessing game came to a dramatic end, and a new, even less predictable guessing game began: what will Trump do as president, anyway? This game is tricky because Trump isn’t a normal President-elect. He has no […]

MTE: Helping Scientists and Engineers Start Their Own Companies

December 9, 2016

On this episode of “Meet the Experts” we have the honor of interviewing Dr. Christie Canaria, a member of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Development Center at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). She provides programmatic support to small businesses applying to the SBIR and STTR programs and has areas of expertise in biological imaging, […]