5 Tips to De-Stress
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Many of my high school students are under pressure and stress during this time of the year. They are force to maintain a competitive GPA, study for ACT or SAT I and SAT II, keep up with school projects, quizzes, and tests, commit to their community service programs, and work on college applications simultaneously. It can be a strenuous process for many to balance and manage their heavy schedule.

Although is it a challenging time of the year for many of my students, I constantly remind them to always take care of their health and find time to de-stress throughout their busy day. I especially do not want them to catch a cold or get sick during their college application process.

Here are five simple tips I share with my students and advises them to incorporate into their schedule to help them get through their day.

Tip 1. Go for a quick walk
Walking help clear our mind and boost endorphins that reduce stress hormones.

Tip 2. Breath
Breathing deeply or performing a series of breathing exercises for a couple of second can help reduce tension and relieve stress. Deep breath stimulates the parasympathetic reaction that helps us calm down.

Tip 3. Eat a healthy snack
Snacking on healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts can relieve stress and provide a boost of energy. An example is eating a banana. One banana has 422mg of potassium, which can relieve blood pressure during stressful time.

Tip 4. Music
Listening to classical music slows down and helps decrease level of stress hormones. This will lower anxiety tension.

Tip 5. Laugh
Laughing cause our body to take in more oxygen. This helps increase endorphins production in our body. More endorphins help give our body a feeling of relaxation.

By Amy Meng, ThinkTank Learning Consulting Operations Manager