Accepted into All 8 Ivy League Schools, but Chose None
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It’s not a shocker that Ronald Nelson (4.58 GPA, 15 AP courses, 2260 SAT, 34 ACT) got accepted into all 8 Ivy League schools, but rather his surprising choice of attending the University of Alabama.  Business Insider reported that Nelson chose to attend the University of Alabama due to a full-ride scholarship and elite honors program.

Nelson wants to become a doctor and he plans to use the saved cost of his undergraduate degree for med-school.  None of the Ivy League schools offered him a merit based scholarship, just financial aid to cover any “demonstrated” need after taking into account his family’s income, assets, and size.

“I’ve had a lot of people questioning me — ‘Why are you doing this?’ — but after I explain my circumstances, they definitely understand where I’m coming from.” -Nelson

What would you do in this situation?