Crack the College Admission Code- Seminar May 16th, 2015
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seminar_may_2015Why should I attend? 
Students and families who are concerned about applying into top colleges and universities will find this seminar extremely helpful.  With the recent 2015 admission results, our college admissions consultants will be going over real student portfolios to show you what factors made the difference .  We’ll  have an in-depth look into how and why a student was recently rejected from the University of Southern California (17.8% admit rate) but accepted into Harvard University (5.9% admit rate).

Big Data and College Admissions?
ThinkTank Learning’s founder, Steven Ma, will be speaking on how we’re using big data to determine your child’s chances of admission.  With over 12 years of college application data, we can calculate and pinpoint certain areas in your academic portfolio to significantly increase your chances of being admitted into a certain college.  This will forever change the way we approach and strategize for our students and families when they start their college admissions process.

Want to learn how to evaluate your own academic portfolio?
Our college admissions consultants will be conducting a live consultation with an audience member to show you how to break down a student’s academics, extracurricular activities, and interests to properly plan out their high school career.

An east coast college trip just for attending?!
We will be raffling the following prizes out to our lucky attendees:
Grand PrizeEast Coast College Tour
Second PrizeSAT Boot Camp
Third PrizeACT Boot Camp

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