Does Harvard Discriminate Against Asian Applicants?
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The NYPost just released an article on Harvard discriminating against applicants of Asian background much like back in the 1920s when they limited the amount of Jewish students.  Harvard officials, of course, would deny this fact but the admissions data show otherwise.

Harvard’s applicant pool has the same racial make-up year after year:  18% Asian, 49% white, 8% African-American, 9% Hispanic, and others.  How could this ratio stay the same when Asian applicants make up a majority of the college applications?  It is a fact that Asians often times have to score much higher than other ethnicities to be admitted into certain colleges or universities.  That’s because they are in fact competing against other Asians who are consistently outperforming their class in academics.

The Numbers Don’t Lie
If you are Asian, it may not be an advantage anymore to write your personal statement on your Asian immigrant upbringing, you might even want to strategize to change your last name to increase your odds of admission.