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On this episode of “Meet the Experts” we have the honor of interviewing Dr. Christie Canaria, a member of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Development Center at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). She provides programmatic support to small businesses applying to the SBIR and STTR programs and has areas of expertise in biological imaging, biosensors, and nanotechnology. Dr. Canaria is a central figure in planning special center initiatives, conducting outreach activities, and coordinating communications. In 2014, she played a leading role in launching the Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) at NIH Pilot, a program designed to support training to help project teams at NIH-funded small businesses overcome key obstacles along the path of innovation and commercialization.

Questions & Time Stamps

2:52 – You’ve had the opportunity to speak before the President’s Council on Science and Technology. What did you talk about and why?

4:19 – What is Small Business Innovation Research program, otherwise known as SBIR?

5:22 – Who is the federal government trying to help through SBIR?

6:39 – Who can apply to SBIR programs? Can high school students?

9:23 – What is the advantage of SBIR versus the usual route of getting venture capital to start your own company?

11:14 – What are current challenges and future frontiers of science funding for the purposes of speeding-up and promoting innovation?

13:28 – Describe your educational journey starting from high school.

20:18 – What advice do you have for young women wanting to be like you one day?

22:39 – What did you work on while you were doing experimental research?

26:14 – Would you say that having studied/worked in different fields was advantageous for innovation and discovery?

22:27 – You are quite the dancer. What kind of dance do you do?

31:50 – Listener Question: What are some successes that were funded by SBIR that we don’t know about?

33:12 – Listener Question: I want to study science. Is it worth it to take some business courses?

34:15 – Listener Question: My parents are extremely strict on how I spend my time. What are some things that your parents did – especially coming from an Asian American family – to help guide you to what you have become today?

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