New Changes to the ACT?! Updates Show New Facelift
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New ACT Student Report
New ACT Student Report
Old ACT Student Report
Old ACT Student Report

The ACT Is Not Changing as Much as You Might Think

The ACT just posted a recent update regarding their scoring system.  The 1-to-36 scoring system will not change, but they will be adding 4 additional “scoring categories:”

STEM Score– Literally just an average of your Science and Math score.

ELA Score– Literally just an average of your English and Reading score.

Understanding Complex Texts–  Uses your score from the reading section to gauge how good you are at identifying the main idea.

Progress Toward Career Readiness Indicator– Literally just a score that just compares you to another test that the ACT offers to gauge “career readiness.”  (Seems like a great method to give the other test additional marketing exposure.)

What does this mean for our students?
Unlike the SAT scoring scale, which will be reverting back to the old 1600 scale, the ACT will stay at the same scale of 1-to-36.  So far the ACT is having much more of an aesthetic facelift.  In terms of study and strategy for the ACT, there is no need to worry or adapt for this particular update.