Student Savers: How to Get a Better Rate on Your Tuition
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Student Savers: How to Get a Better Rate on Your Tuition
By Kara M.

In contemporary society, tuition and textbook costs are increasing on an annual basis. Despite various economic turns and recessions, colleges and universities are not ashamed to publicize their yearly tuition increases. However, as these costs are getting higher, there are several stances students can take to promote themselves to universities and colleges and get a better rate on tuition. 

Get a good GPA and Excel in your SAT or ACT
First of all, it’s important to get a good GPA in high school. Colleges look at high school grades and use the GPA as a reference to determine students’ contribution to their respective organizations. Universities don’t want to admit students with low grades and attendance records because that means those students may not graduate from their university and contribute to future alumni donations. Thus, when these students apply to colleges, higher education institutions try to maximize profits by not giving them any scholarships. With a high GPA and good test scores on the SAT or ACT, which are national standardized examinations, students have a chance to win academic scholarships. These scholarships range in amount and some can even completely cover a student’s tuition. Some programs like a higher education degree might even require a minimum score to even be accepted, so be sure you pay attention to where you might need to score based on the program or degree you choose. Most of these scholarships or “academic gifts” are merit-based, but there are many scholarships you can find which are also based on financial needs

Get Sponsored
Students who are interested in athletics or even various extracurricular activities should try to get sponsored by colleges. These educational institutions usually make yearly contracts with student athletes who can help the school gain credibility in various academic divisions. For example, a university can sponsor a high school football player by covering his or her academic costs as long as the student plays in the university’s athletic football team. Talk to your counselor and coach to see if you might qualify for some schools in your region.

Research Loans
There are many private and government loans that can help students get a better tuition rate. While these loans have to be eventually paid off, many of them can be deferred till after graduation. Depending on the type of loan, students may not have to begin paying the loan back till after they have received a diploma. If they have not found a job after graduation, students can even defer these loans till after they begin receiving an income. 

As tuition rate keeps increasing, it’s important for students to find alternate ways to pay for colleges and universities. While tuition and textbook costs may seem intimidating, it is definitely possible to get good tuition rates by taking certain approaches, such as excelling in high school academics.

Overall, it’s important for students to study hard and work towards excelling in their academic goals, especially during high school. As they bring their best forward, students will be rewarded by higher order educational institutions. Finally, students, parents, teachers, and guidance counselors should work together to research various loans and sponsorships, which may help students get discounted tuition rates. 

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