Top Career Opportunities for Students Considering a Degree in Math
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Finding your future career when you have a major in math is not as hard as it seems.

Many people are not sure of the array of mathematical careers available with a math degree. The truth is there is many stimulating and distinctive careers relating to the mathematics discipline. Here is a list of areas where a math major is very beneficial:

· Engineering

· Law Enforcement

· Statistics

· Government

· Business and Management

· Education

Finding your future career when you have a major in math is not as hard as it seems. Employment and Careers have a comprehensive list to choose.

What Job Titles Might I Have If I am a Math Major?

If you enjoy math studies, think about some professions that are options to mathematics majors.

· Actuarial Science

Actuarial science jobs are rated as one of the top two careers as far as advancement opportunities, pay and job satisfaction. The majority of jobs are in the insurance field or finance. You can find out more at the Actuarial Professional Society Page.

· Operations Research

The scientific approach to analyzing problems and making decisions is what Operations research is all about. Work is done using numerical and analytical methods to expound and maneuver computer and mathematical models in many organizations. Some of these careers in math can be found in government, pharmaceutical, airline, financial services, and logistics. More information can be found at the Operations Research Professional Society.

There are also countless jobs in the private sector that are in dire need of math majors. Here is a short list of the careers in math:

· Information Scientist

· Computer Analyst or programmer

· Economist

· Engineering Analyst

· Mathematician

· Numerical Analyst

If you are math superstar, go with your passion and you will have many opportunities waiting for you after you graduate. For help preparing you or your child for college, contact us today.

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