Jon Siapno - Consulting Operations Manager

Our college admissions consultants are highly qualified education professionals whose goals are to help plan, support, and guide our students through all the challenges leading up to their acceptance into a top tier university.

At ThinkTank Learning, our admissions consultants have a much more comprehensive definition of what it means to fully prepare for college. Not only do we help increase our students’ GPA and standardized test scores, we focus on helping our students grow as leaders who want to contribute and give back to their communities. We help students in elementary school, junior high, high school, and even college transfer students. We hire only the best staff, who know the ins and outs of every challenge and obstacle a student might face. We work with students one-on-one with their school work, college applications, SAT/ACT preparation, class schedule, and even summer planning so that they will be in the best position to succeed.

Our consultants play a large part in making ThinkTank Learning the premier and most reliable education company in the industry. All of our consultants go through a selective recruiting process and each consultant must prove his or her ability to deliver expert consultation services through on-the-job training and a series of in-class examinations.

Amy Meng

Chief Services Officer / College Admissions Consultant

Ph.D. in Economics - University of Kansas

M.A. in Economics - University of Kansas

B.A. in Economics - Nankai University, China

Melody Mark

College Admissions Consultant

ABD PhD - University of Pennsylvania

M.A. in Classics - UC Santa Barbara

B.A. in Classics and History - Santa Clara University

Katie Matlock

College Admissions Consultant

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential - UC Irvine

B.A. in Creative Writing - University of Southern California

B.A. in Philosophy - University of Southern California

David Phillips

College Admissions Consultant

B.A. in Psychology, Pomona College

Susan Packer Davis

College Admissions Consultant

J.D. - Loyola Law School

B.A. in History - UCLA

Meilin Obinata

College Admissions Consultant

J.D. - Hamline University School of Law

B.A. in Mathematics - UC Santa Cruz

Justin Wang

College Admissions Consultant

MBA, Columbia University

M.A. in Asian Studies/International Economics, Johns Hopkins University

B.A. in Political Science, UC Berkeley

Chen Liu

College Admissions Consultant

M.A. in Economics, UCLA

B.S. in Mathematics/Economics, UCLA

Erica Ji

College Admissions Consultant

Graduate Program in Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida

B.A. International Hospitality & Tourism Business Studies, University of Birmingham

Henry Wang

College Admissions Consultant

B.A. in Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley

Kate Foster

College Admissions Consultant

B.A. in Psychology, Washington University

Ruoying Han

College Admissions Consultant

M.A. in TESOL, UPenn

B.A. in English, Dalian University of Foreign Languages

Lia Tanti

College Admissions Consultant

M.A. in French and Comparative Literature, University of Lyon

B.A. in French, UC Santa Barbara

David Nguyen

College Admissions Consultant

Ph.D. in Endocrinology, UC Berkeley

B.A. in Molecular & Cell Biology, UC Berkeley

Eugenia Kaw

College Admissions Consultant

Ph.D. in Anthropology, Princeton University

M.A. in Education, San Francisco State University

Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, California

B.A. in Anthropology, UC Berkeley

Vi Le

College Admissions Consultant

M.A. in International Educational Development, Columbia University

B.A. in Southeast Asian Studies & Sociology, U.C. Berkeley

Wen Zhu

College Admissions Consultant

Ph.D. in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Mayo Graduate School

B.S. in Bioengineering, Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Derek McArdle

College Admissions Consultant

M.A. in Business Administration, University of Phoenix

B.A. in Secondary Education, Shepherd University

Jason Bi

College Admissions Consultant

B.A. in Sociology and Asian American Studies, UC Davis

ToneeRose Legaspi

College Admissions Consultant

B.A. in English, UC Berkeley

Christopher Barnes

College Admissions Consultant

J.D. - Mercer Law School

Emily Vuong

College Admissions Consultant

B.S. Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics, UC Berkeley

Tobias Joel

College Admissions Consultant

M.P.A., M.A. International Education Management, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

B.A. International Relations, Honors & Departmental Citation, UC Davis