Using Big Data to Predict Your College Admission Chances- December 5th & 6th
Published on November 2, 2015 by Pauline Chan
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Calculate Your Chance of Admission to the Top 100 Universities!

Our College Admissions Consultants will show you why the admissions process is no longer a game of chance – we have the formula to get your child into top colleges! Register for an exclusive opportunity to use our Admissions Optimizer Algorithm. Free admission, seating is very limited – Sign Up Today!

Keynote Speaker- Steven Ma

  • CEO of ThinkTank Learning & Secretary of the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs


  • Find out how big-data is being used to get your child into top colleges
  • Starting your signature project with the environment in mind.
  • The importance of team sports and building a well rounded portfolio.

Guest Speakers

  • David Nguyen, Ph.D. in Endocrinology, UC Berkeley
  • Marta McFarland, M.A. in Environmental Management, University of Warsaw

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Saturday, December 5th – 3:00PM (Sunnyvale)
Sunday, December 6th – 3:00PM (Pleasanton)