How Much Time Should A High School Student Spend Online To Be Productive?

student spending time online

How much is too much?

It goes without saying that spending too much time online is unhealthy for everyone, but students who have to complete homework, study for exams and try to get into good colleges are especially vulnerable to the lure of the Internet before they understand how to balance their time. Just how much time is too much spent online?

Too Much of a Good Thing

The Internet connects and informs us, but too much can lead to loneliness and depression. Too much time online can lead to dropping grades, and cyber-bullies are a threat that is all too real in modern society. Teens who suffer from these issues, withdraw from friends and family or become anxious when stepping away from the computer spend too much time online.

The Difference Between Work and Play

One of the keys to understanding how much time online is unhealthy requires parents to determine whether the student is playing — on social networks, chatting or engaging in games, for example — or working. If they’re studying for exams, participating in online school bulletin boards or looking up potential universities. Similarly, teens may sign on the computer to type an essay, compose an email to a teacher or create a presentation for class. However, parents have a responsibility to ensure that students are doing work when they say they are. High school students require privacy to do their homework, but parents should check in occasionally to make sure that homework is completed before teens direct their attention elsewhere.

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