With our well-designed MCP program, you can gain access to the best college admissions experts in the country. All our MCP consultants received higher education from prestigious universities and have a track record of coaching their students to get into top-ranked universities. Furthermore, they are hand-picked specialists with backgrounds in different academic subject areas, carrying diverse professional experiences, which we believe can serve each student’s unique needs.


While being oriented towards college admissions results, our elite consultant team is also attentive to perfecting the process via coaching students on developing lifelong beneficial
learning habits. Please be aware that to optimize service quality, our consultants can only take a limited number of students every year. Sign up ASAP to get a spot!


Test Prep


Choose among a group of most experienced consultants. You may meet with different consultants for an introductory meeting.

English Prep


Emergency office hours in-person once a week by a field consultant at a local center. Our proprietary mobile app, TT Messenger,
allows you to chat with a consultant
at your convenience.

Math Prep


All meetings are recorded and accessible to clients

ThinkTank Learning is a member of NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling)


         # 1

National TOP 40

90% of Our Students are Accepted to Their 1st Choice School

83% are Accepted to the Top-40 Nationally Ranked



MCP – All-in-One Program (MCP – AIOP)

Our All-in-One college admissions program gives you the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to investing in your child’s education. This package is our most popular, and is tailored for junior high (J-AIOP), high school (AIOP), and college transfer (T-AIOP) students.


The AIOP package is designed for those who need help discovering their passions, but also for those need help making their passions a reality. We’ll take care of all the college admissions details every step of the way, while you focus on being a student. Our AIOP college admissions package includes all-inclusive academic preparation, extracurricular planning, and test preparation needs. We are with you until the day you get accepted into your dream school and graduate from high school.


MCP – Guaranteed Total Solution (MCP – GTS)

This program is especially designed for freshman and sophomores in high school. Our team will transform you into the ideal college applicant, so we are willing to guarantee your admission into top-ranking universities. We are the only company that offers a 100% money back guarantee. Let’s work together to make your educational dreams come true.


MCP – Premium College Admissions Package (MCP – PCAP)

Each student receives a dedicated personal admissions consultant who supervises the application process from beginning to final submission. Our consultants start with a comprehensive intake procedure in order to deeply know each student. They subsequently help each student brainstorm creative and unique responses to personal statements and essays, providing individualized strategic positioning tips during the final submission. The result is a set of winning applications that are sent to a student’s dream schools. The thrill never gets old!







Ruoying Han

Lead Education Consultant

Adam Lewis

Lead Education Consultant

Justin Wang

Lead Education Consultant

Jason Bi

Senior Education Consultant

Aaron Covarruvias

Senior Education Consultant


Susan Packer Davis

Senior Education Consultant

Eugenia Kaw

Senior Education Consultant

Vi Le

Senior Education Consultant

Chen Liu

Senior Education Consultant

David Nguyen

Senior Education Consultant


David Phillips

Senior Education Consultant

Henry Wang

Senior Education Consultant

Vinnie Apicella

Education Consultant

Samuel Fung

Education Consultant

Tobias Joel

Education Consultant


Miguel Schmidt

Education Consultant

James Wang

Education Consultant


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