You’ve got a bit of a problem. You’re a freshman or sophomore in high school. You know the school of your dreams, but how do you turn your dream school into a reality? We at ThinkTank Learning have a solution.

The “Guaranteed Total Solution” or GTS program is a select program for freshmen and sophomores in high school. With GTS, students receive all the benefits of the Premium College Admissions Package” along with expert guidance and coaching from consultants and instructors beginning during a student’s freshman (or sophomore) year. Our GTS students have been admitted to Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Brown and UC Berkeley… just to name a few! Much like the GPCAP, we offer a 100% guarantee that GTS students will be admitted to a school of their choice— or your money back.

Come to the ThinkTank center nearest you for more information. Let’s make your dreams a reality!

2016 Admission Results

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