2018-2017 Admission Results

MCP-PCAP Plus offers the same, award-winning PCAP service that clients have come to know and love, with the addition of unique, 1-on-1 extracurricular activity guidance. ThinkTank’s education consultants understand how to gain acceptance to top internships, research opportunities and summer education programs. With advising from our devoted consultants, you’ll be making college admissions officers say, “Wow!”

The college application process can be overwhelming. We at ThinkTank understand that, and we are here to help. Our “Master Consulting Program – Premium College Admissions Package” or MCP-PCAP was designed as an industry-leading tool to get our students into the college of their dreams. Simply put, 83% of our students using this package get into the Top-40 colleges and universities in the country!

How does it work?

The MCP-PCAP guides each student through the college application process— from start to finish. Our MCP-PCAP students are paired with dedicated college admissions experts who personally supervise each student through every component of the application process. From personal statements to standardized test preparation to creating a dynamic resume— we’ve got you covered.

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