Wendy has always been interested in science and striving to push the boundaries of the universe as an aerospace or astronautical engineer. In order to guarantee a SAT score to leverage her dreams, Wendy enrolled at ThinkTank Learning. Under the instruction of a specialized instructor, Wendy was able to gain more knowledge and confidence in her abilities to understand difficult grammar concepts of the SAT writing and essay portions.

Wendy’s inspiration to work harder through problems together with our ability to provide a frame of reference and understanding of the material, allowed her to received a 2330 SAT score and gain acceptance into UCLA, Rice University, and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Wendy Wang of Vista del Lago High School, scored 2330 on the SAT.

My main challenge was motivating myself to study and ThinkTank Learning really helped me with that issue by providing a very structured learning environment.  They sat me down to take multiple practice exams and put my brain to work.  I really enjoyed ThinkTank’s laid-back atmosphere compared to other testing centers.  Their teachers definitely made our learning experience really enjoyable.  One of the most memorable learning experiences during the course was when my critical reading teacher had us each put a post-it note on our forehead with a vocabulary word written on it.  My classmates would then give us clues to the meaning of the word.  After taking the class my SAT score jumped up about 100 points and I ended up scoring a 2360 on the official SAT test.  I definitely recommend ThinkTank to a friend because it is one of the only places that can make such a boring test actually enjoyable.

Madeline Zheng of Mission San Jose High, scored 2360 on the SAT
Accepted to University of Southern California.

Though my time at ThinkTank Learning was brief, the skills I learned throughout the Summer Bootcamp Session became apparent as the weeks went by. What began as a mediocre score at best showed signs of improvement with every practice exam. My critical reading and writing scores dramatically increased, and although my math scores were relatively high ab initio, the instructor gave me practice and exposure to a wide range of question types, many of which appeared on the official SAT. The comfortable learning environment coupled with not only qualified, but also patient teachers set a path towards my success. Although it asks for hard work and diligence, the SAT Bootcamp at ThinkTank genuinely appealed to me and bolstered me up to the high scoring range.

Benjamin Hool of Amador Valley High School, scored 2310 on the SAT.

ThinkTank Learning helped me get a lot of practice with the SAT which helped me become more comfortable with the different types of questions. Practicing more also helped me finish the sections faster and that gave me more time to check my answers. ThinkTank Learning helped me improve the most on the critical reading and writing sections of the test. I learned different techniques for handling the critical reading passages and spotting errors on the grammar section that helped me answer questions a lot faster.

Minda Lee of Saratoga High, scored 2250 on the SAT.

Although I knew the math part of the SAT very well, ThinkTank benefited me much in the writing section. They taught the grammar incredibly comprehensively, so comprehensively that when I just looked at the grammar section and read the questions I immediately catch the mistakes on my radar. However, I also think the many tests taken at ThinkTank helped me accommodate to the testing atmosphere and allowed me to better manage my time on the actual exam. As I got more practice my comprehension also strengthened, because I learned to read more effectively and quickly scan the pieces of information I needed to answer the questions. ThinkTank provides good classes that stimulate the testing environment and teaches the many basics of the exam.

David Mai of Lowell High, scored 2320 on the SAT.