Prior to attending my SAT training at ThinkTank, I hadn’t prepared for the SAT, so it was only practice I received prior to taking the actual test itself. However, it was more than enough for me to get the score I wanted. The instructors taught in a clear, easy-to-understand method and gave extremely helpful critical feedback on our practice tests and essays, which helped not only for the SAT itself but also in my regular writing skills. The bi-weekly tests that were administered provided regular practice, and helped us understand where we needed the most work to perfect our scores; I could see a clear improvement from each test to the next. I owe my success on the SAT exam to ThinkTank ‘s SAT Boot Camp, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who would like SAT training.

Sachin Peddada of Harker High, scored 2390 on the SAT.

I attended ThinkTank Learning from June until October 2013, during which I took the SAT Bootcamp and practice tests for English and Critical Reading. My English score greatly improved as I was taught the varying grammatical structures commonly found on the SAT. I was able to effectively apply them on the November test, on which I received an 800. My essay also greatly improved, as my teacher instructed me on the set formula I could use to succeed. I constantly received 10’s in the class, the highest he would give out, and an 11 on my actual test. Thanks to ThinkTank, I received a 2300 on my SAT!

Rachit Kataria of Lynbrook High, scored 2300 on the SAT.

ThinkTank’s PCAP program was a novel experience for me. The system of brainstorming, writing, editing, and receiving feedback was tough to adjust to yet ultimately helped me create a more extensive essay than I could have written by myself. My counselor certainly helped me brainstorm and uncover new angles to take on the prompts as we dug up remnants of my childhood experiences I would not have thought of myself. He also stayed up very late helping me edit my essays, and him adding another point of view on my writing was generally helpful. He helped bring out more of myself and my voice in the essays, thereby humanizing my application.

Karen Yang of St Cecilia School, scored 2320 on the SAT
Accepted to Dartmouth College.

During the start of senior year, just the idea of applying to college was a daunting task. However, with the help of Think Tank Learning, the process of applying to college was made much simpler. My counselor helped me answer all sorts of questions and carefully guided me through the intricate college application process; she also made my academic life easier as I could focus on schoolwork and my other extracurricular activities and not worry about my college application all the time. Furthermore, my counselor spent countless hours working personally with me to brainstorm ideas and revise my essays. Through Think Tank Learning, I became more confident in my writing and my application and learned how to present myself in the best way possible.

Daniel Hu of El Camino High, scored 2190 on the SAT
Accepted to Stanford University.

I am currently a senior at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology. I remember exactly how I felt when I went to my first ThinkTank Learning seminar. I was so overwhelmed by all the information that they were feeding me. How could I possibly keep up my grades while simultaneously participate in extracurricular activities and study for the SATs and ACTs? ThinkTank helped me to focus on my strengths rather than stress out about everything else. I found the service helpful. I definitely liked my college admissions counselor; she was very easy to talk to and she always made me feel comfortable. The college application process was extremely stressful, but my consultant helped to alleviate that stress. I will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall!

Corinna Wong of Cornerstone Academy, scored 2180 on the SAT
Accepted to UC Berkeley.