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Math and Sciences Tutoring

Algebra 1-2

  • Writing and evaluating expressions
  • Correctly applying the order of operations
  • Representing functions as rules, tables, and graphs
  • Identifying and manipulating real numbers...more

Algebra 3-4

  • Interpreting terms, factors, and coefficients in a polynomial or an expression
  • Apply basic factoring techniques to second- and third-degree polynomials
  • Mastering the standard and vertex forms of quadratic expressions...more


  • Measuring angles in degrees and radians, and converting one form into the other
  • Relate sine and cosine to the unit circle and understand the periodic functions
  • Explore and prove trigonometric identities...more


  • Grasping the organization of the periodic table, including trends in atomic number, atomic mass, atomic size, and ionization states
  • Understanding the development of the modern atomic theory, including models proposed and...more


  • Using postulates to identify congruent segments, angles and figures
  • Naming, measuring, and classifying angles
  • Identifying the midpoint of a segment and measuring a segment
  • Developing simple logical arguments based...more


  • Identifying the roots of a quadratic and understanding how roots differ from zeroes
  • Recognizing polynomial, rational, exponential, or logarithmic functions from an equation, a table, or a graph of the function
  • Exploring the composite of functions and how f(g(x)) is not the same as g(f(x))...more


  • Measuring angles in degrees and radians, and converting one form into the other
  • Relate sine and cosine to the unit circle and understand the periodic functions
  • Explore and prove trigonometric identities...more


  • Explaining the process of evolution and diversity of life.
  • Understanding biological systems that utilize free energy and molecular building blocks to grow, to reproduce, and to maintain dynamic homeostasis.
  • Exploring how living systems store, retrieve, transmit, and respond to information essential to life processes...more

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English Tutoring

Advanced Critical Reading

  • This class covers many of the same concepts as Comprehending Critical Reading, but it does so in a more sophisticated way.
  • The cornerstone texts are Frankenstein and The Road, and the additional readings are similarly deep...more

Critical Reading

  • This class introduces the idea of active reading and speed reading for comprehension.
  • Using Fahrenheit 451 and Anthem as cornerstone texts, this class explores reading as a dialog between the reader and the author...more

Grammar & Essay Composition

  • Upon completion of this course, students will be able to construct paragraphs and essays that are unified around a single purpose.
  • Lessons focus on identifying parts of speech, correcting grammar errors...more

Intensive Vocabulary Mastery

  • This is an in-depth approach to vocabulary in context.
  • Students select one Western and one Eastern classic to read on their own as a source for new vocabulary.
  • During the final class...more

Intro to Writing 2

  • This class hones reading and writing skills by examining English grammar, proper syntax, and figures of speech.
  • Weekly vocabulary tests help students expand their lexicon and lay the foundation for more powerful writing...more

Natural Speaker

  • The Natural Speaker Series is designed to help you face your fears about speaking in front of groups.
  • Teach you how to structure: an impromptu persuasive speech, a formal presentation, and a university or work interview and personal resume...more


  • This class uses the text Build Your Power Vocabulary (BYPV) by Random House to introduce the concept of “root words.”
  • Lessons begin on Latin and Greek roots, then move on to learning words through historical meaning, more

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