Writing a National Honor Society application letter: tips for High school students

Ask ThinkTank Learning counselors how organizations such as the National Honor Society can enhance your college application.

Faculty love to see their high school students show exceptional skills in leadership, integrity, service, and intelligence. If you have shown these skills, then the school faculty may nominate you to become a member of the National Honor Society (NHS).

Before you become a member, you will have to create a proposal that tells the NHS faculty council on why you would be an ideal candidate for membership. Your essay should focus on certain topics to increase your chances of becoming accepted, according to eHow.

Tips To Writing A National Honor Society Application

One of the most important tips to writing your proposal is to be honest and sincere. Lying to the faculty council or showing disinterest will not help you join the National Honor Society or take part in all the benefits that are available, according to Yahoo Voices.

Your proposal should focus on telling the faculty more about yourself and your achievements. You will want to include your academic achievements, your extracurricular activities and any community service you have done.

Don’t forget to include details about your personality that involve leadership, maturity, integrity and honor. The faculty wants to learn about you and your academic environment so they gain a greater understanding on who you are as a person.

Write the essay in a concise manner, but also make it enjoyable for those people who will be reading it. It is okay to include anecdotes so long as you focus on why you would make a great member to the National Honor Society.

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