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Features of our ACT Tutoring & ACT Programs

ACT Instructors 

  • Over 25 specialized ACT tutors
  • All instructors have a personal track record for significantly increasing their students’ ACT scores.
  • Our most experienced instructors have redeveloped our ACT curriculum from the ground up

ACT Lessons

  • Each lesson is no longer dependent on the previous class
  • Miss a lesson? No problem! Our modularized lessons allow you to continue easily!
  • Modularized lessons allow the flexibility of learning at your own pace

4-Tiered System

  • We understand each student learns differently, and at their own pace
  • Each student is required to take a diagnostic test before enrollment
  • The students are then enrolled into the appropriate leveled class

Rolling Enrollment

  • Our modularized classes allow students to enroll at any time
  • Students can join in at the beginning, middle, or end of the course and still get the full learning experience

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