4 Degrees For Creative Right-Brained Students
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4 Degrees For Creative Right-Brained Students
By Kara M

Being a right-brained person can be a challenge at times when you are growing up in a left-brained world. However, there are so many resources out there to help you find a successful career in something that you are passionate about. It is actually very possible to get an education that’s right up your alley when you are right-brained. Below are several degrees to pursue if creativity is your strong point.

Graphic Design
Being a graphic designer is a fun career, especially if you enjoy being challenged and pushing your creative limits. Graphic design degrees can be broken down into multiple categories such as: logo design, illustrations, or even print. Having a four-year degree in any of these areas could land you a great career that caters to your strengths. Many schools, such as Rasmussen College, offer degrees in graphic design and related fields to allow for a more intensive curriculum for your desired field.

Game Development
Many children that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s have grown up to be game designers and developers. A degree in game design will give you the skills to land a job and the knowledge to create vibrant, digital worlds that you pull from your imagination. This industry is booming, and it has allowed many to pursue their passion while making a great living in the process. DeVry College are often revered as great schools to learn game development and programming. If you want to see the worlds you’ve imagined come to life, this may be a great field for you!

An architectural degree is perfect for those who enjoy design, but also for those that have an affinity for overcoming hurtles and roadblocks. Architects are responsible for creating the environments we live in. They create functional work environments, landscape features, and comfortable homes. A degree in architecture is perfect for marrying financial success and creativity. If architecture is something that you want to go into it’s best to find a school that has a National Architectural Accreditation Board certification to get the most out of your education.

Civil Engineering
Similar to architectural design, pursuing a master’s civil engineering online will give you the knowledge to design many of the necessities of the modern world. This means the creation of roads, bridges, natural and artificial environments, dams, and canals. Civil engineering is the second oldest engineering profession in the world, and it can be broken down into many different areas depending on what you want to focus on. Also, no matter what area of civil engineering you go there will always be new and exciting technology that you can use, even on your phone. It is amazing how well civil engineers utilize technology. If civil engineering is something that you’re looking to pursue, then the University of California at Berkeley may be the best choice for you, because it is the best in the nation for civil engineering.

The above examples are only a handful of degree options that are available for creative individuals. That being said, the examples above are some of the most popular, well-paid, and sustainable fields you can get involved with.

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