4 Degrees To Get Started On Your Path To A Government Career
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4 Degrees To Get Started On Your Path To A Government Career

By Kara M


If you enjoy working with civic leaders, making management decisions, and improving the community, then a career in government might be perfect for you. If you are considering getting a job in the Government field you may be wondering where to begin exactly, but education and training can provide a great way to start at any level. Whether you are a student or working professional, there are several degree options to help you on your path.

Public Administration

If you hope to have a role in creating or implementing public policy, a degree in public administration can help advance your government career. Public Administration provides general training in areas like economics, government, and policy. If you are still in college, you might consider majoring in this area. If you already have a degree, a master’s program could be a great option. Working professionals for whom traditional campus learning might not work, a public administration degree online might be the best choice for you. It provides wonderful flexibility around your schedule and practical career preparation in government.

Political Science

Political science is another area to consider that provides an understanding of national and international governments. It also studies the direct impact of policy decisions, including how lobbies, interest groups, and governments work with each other. If you are still in college, this could be a great degree option. If you are looking into graduate school, you could also consider law and criminal justice programs.

Business Administration

Government work frequently interacts with business and a degree like this can really help open up opportunities in both fields. A traditional route is the Master’s in Business Administration. It provides training in finance, management, and accounting, as well as an understanding of economics that is fundamental to government operations. Though MBA graduates often pursue private sector work, it also provides skills that are valuable in government.

Public Health

Public Health has a huge role within the government sector and a degree in this field would be particularly valuable now. Many government agencies involve operations in health or social services, and a degree in Public Health can provide opportunities in schools, hospitals, and local governments, as well as federal and state health administration positions.


Overall, Government positions provide many exciting benefits and opportunities at both the state and national levels. Positions in this field often involve working closely with leaders and helping shape policy decisions. This type of career might just be right for you if you really want to make a difference and stand up for what you believe in. Luckily, there is a diverse array of job prospects no matter your location and professional goals, and many degree options are available to fit your needs.

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