5 Common Mistakes People Make During the College Search
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A college student trying to find her way around campus.
A college student trying to find her way around campus.

1) Not visiting college and only visiting website and or reading the marketing material.

How to remedy this: Make sure you visit the college in person and go on tours of the college. Marketing materials like a website and a brochure are designed to entice the reader, but do not showcase the campus vibe and culture of people in person. It is important to see how you as a perspective student and parent mesh with the people and culture on campus. If it is not a good match on all levels you will not have as quality of a college experience.

2) Going to a college based on name only

How to remedy this: We all know those Ivy League colleges that are popular because of the legacy and name. There is a lot of pressure of college bound students to attend these institutions. But sometimes they are not always the right fit for all people. It is important to do your research and find the place that is good fit for you both academically and socially.

3) Being a sheep and following your friends based on social pressures

How to remedy this: We all know the importance of having a support system and having people to rely on but it is also important to be your own person and make new connections and experience things on your own. When out of your comfort zone it helps you become a stronger person and build problem-solving skills.

4) Choosing a college based on major only

How to remedy this: Did you know that 50% of college students change their major at least once during their college experience? It is not a good idea to only choose a college based on major, it is important to think about the different topics you want to study and what career path that might lead to.

5) Just going to a certain college because you want to move away

 How to remedy this: Sure we all want to get away and explore new places and be independent but it is important to consider that you can still go to college semi-locally and live on campus. Some students can and thrive while away from home, while others get homesick and need to see their families a little more often. Both options are okay. If you find a college across the country that is a great fit, great. However, if you want to move out of your home and gain independence, moving across the country is not required.

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