5 Reasons to Attend PitchFest2016
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All of us at ThinkTank Learning are really excited about PitchFest 2016. This year’s theme is Fostering Hu’Mentality in Entrepreneurship. We want to help students succeed in preparing for college and in life. By participating in PitchFEST you will gain many valuable tips and tricks on how to succeed in college and in life, as well as unlock the secrets for achieving the best chances of getting into the school of your dreams. Enjoy this top 5 list of why you should attend this EPIC event!

5 Reasons why you should attend PitchFest2016

  1. It’s a great way to network and connect with the movers and shakers of Silicon Valley
  2. You will see some innovative and sharp young minds change the face of the world and be at the forefront of social change
  3. You will get to hear some excellent speakers talk about college admissions and how ThinkTank Learning can help you get into the school of your dreams
  4. Learn what will make your child stand out in the sea of college admission applications
  5. Most importantly, you will have a great time and make new friends.

Click here to learn more about the event and sign up.

Here are 2 awesome projects that will be featured at PitchFest:

Is an app that helps tweens and teens make healthy food choices in an
intuitive, simple, fun and social environment.
Mission: The goal of Chew IQ is to educate kids
about the food they’re eating and encourage smarter choices that will lead to a healthier lifestyle as they grow into adulthood.

Mission: The mission of Youth Helping Youth International English Club (YHY) is to provide an environment of English communication. YHY is an on-line English club helping students from non-English speaking countries improve their English. Meanwhile, the club also gives American youth a chance to help others.

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