Are You Getting Enough Sleep?
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As the back to school season is now in full swing, we at ThinkTank Learning want to make sure that our fans and students are getting enough sleep. Did you know that teenagers need about 7.5-9.5 hours of sleep a night to be well rested and be productive the next day?

Also by using your smart phone you are hurting your sleep patterns and quality of rest because the blue light your devices emits mimics sunlight, causing it to race and not allow you into REM sleep, which as a result, makes you tired and restless the next morning. Not getting a restful sleep is harmful to your immune system and you are not as able to retain information.

REM Sleep

But we have a body clock that controls sleep and is the most underrated force on your behavior as a human, as shown in this TED talk of Jessa Gamble-Our natural sleep cycle is nothing like what we do now.

We as humans are actually equipped to only handle 12 hrs of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness, but because of modern technology and travel our brains have been hardwired now to stay up for long hours without proper rest and are assaulted by all different types of artificial stimuli.

The ideal sleeping pattern without any artificial light or disturbance is to sleep twice every night (from 8pm-12am and 2am- to sunrise) with quiet and meditation in bed in between, causing true wakefulness.

How to Improve Sleep Quality

Our modern ways are truly harming our sleeping patterns, but here are 3 simple tips you can implement to improve your sleep quality:
1. Shut off all devices an hour before you go to bed and participate in a low-tech hobby like reading an actual book or drawing
2. Practice mindful meditation
3. Have an established bedroom routine and pattern

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