Consultant Ignites Student Learning and Makes Meaningful Connections
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Consultant Ignites Student Learning and Makes Meaningful Connections

Mission Accepted

Ethan Stan first came to ThinkTank Learning in the fall of 2014, originally working as an AP bio tutor. His experience in the field and the positive feedback he received from students and parents, quickly gained him a consultant position seven months later. Ethan receives joy in being the voice of compromise and helping families communicate.

“I really focus on what I can do for my students and start the conversation about what it means to go to college early. I enjoy the tangible ways of making an impact on individuals and I’m proud to help students move forward in their life.”


Trust the Process

When Ethan came aboard he received a month of training and was tested on college admissions, college ranking, and advising.  His training also involved shadowing other consultants and staff.  Ethan applies the skills that he’s learned in training, but brings his own special touch, as all TTL Consultants do:

“Consultants do our jobs differently depending on our expertise and our backgrounds.”

Building Strong Foundations

Ethan, like all ThinkTank Learning consultants, is getting ready for PCAP  season. For his 30 or so students, he’s focused on mind mapping on college lists and storm brainstorming, but still finds the time to work with parents on easing their stress.

“This is the reason to come to the us in the first place, to help them make the best decisions for the best opportunities.”

Ignite Student Learning

Ethan knows that turning on the brain’s learning centers takes engagement and focus.  To maximize and maintain attention and focus, he makes meaningful connections with students outside of the classroom:

“I tend to have student meetings in the atrium where you can see the plants outside- seems a little trite, but the natural light in the window puts my students at ease.”

Helping students and families

When families go to the San Mateo office, the feedback is that they feel at ease knowing that they work as a team. It’s not uncommon to see center managers, teachers, and staff engaging with students. Ethan and his team are very welcoming and they encourage their parents to ask questions.

“This is a place we go to help the complex situations

Go Big or Go Home

Ethan helps students get into above-reach schools, including entry into his alma mater, the University of California, Berkeley. Ethan goes beyond the call of duty and engages his students with field trips every month – an opportunity they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

“Students walk away with knowing who they are and what they want. I feel like I make it more friendly and have an impact on brightening the lives of people.”

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