Extracurricular Activity Plan for High School Sophomores
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Selecting the best extracurricular activities can be harder then what you think.

When you are a sophomore one of the farthest things from your mind is how you can help your college admissions process. This is when you may want to consider some extracurricular activities, though, as these will help you in getting into a field you like, but also improving your resume when you apply to college.

The first reason you should consider the extracurricular activities is many schools are requiring these now. Since the universities are requiring them, you want to get a head start and become deeply involved in the organizations to guarantee you get top on the list of this requirement.

The second reason you need to think about the extracurricular activities this early in your high school career, is it helps you in becoming established. Being established means the schools, when they call, will have someone who knows who you are, instead of having to ask questions about who you are.

The third reason you need to consider the extracurricular activities is this allows you the chance to try out multiple things. By trying out the multiple things, you can start to learn more about what you like to do and what you really do not like doing.

Having the chance to attend college can be exciting. However, with the different requirements for admissions it is becoming nearly impossible to get into the school. This is when you should know early on how the extracurricular activities can make an impact on your college choice and acceptance.

By ThinkTank Learning Consulting Team
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