Finding Your Passion: 4 Degrees That Lead to Dream Careers
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Finding Your Passion: 4 Degrees That Lead to Dream Careers

By Kara M.


One of the best ways to achieve career goals is to earn a degree in your chosen field. A college education can teach you the skills needed to lead the career of your dreams. Discover these four degrees that can help you make a difference in the world.

Criminal Justice

The legal field is an excellent career choice for people interested in criminal justice. Lawyers defend the innocent when they are falsely accused of a crime. Attorneys also help convict criminals when they break the law. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers make around $136,000 a year. In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree, attorneys are required to hold a juris doctorate and must pass the State Bar Exam.


The medical profession is a rewarding career that gives professionals an opportunity to give back to the community. Most doctors choose to specialize in a specific field of medicine. Doctors often build their own practice after gaining some experience in the field. Doctors must earn a bachelor’s degree and then go on to complete medical school—which can take anywhere from 4 to 6 additional years. A medical residency is also required before a medical professional could obtain a licensure. There are also a variety of nursing and technical careers available in the medical field that don’t require an MD, but almost all certifications require secondary schooling of some kind.


Counselors help people overcome difficult situations in their life. People often seek professional counseling when they are experiencing problems with depression, stress, and anxiety. Emotional problems can surface during life-changing moments such as divorce or the loss of a loved one. Counselors can also help people improve their self-image, manage weight problems, and recover from addiction. The average salary for counselors is about $44,000 a year, and a doctorate degree is required to become a counselor in the mental health field.


A master’s degree in music is a great asset for professionals interested in the performing arts. Many people pursue a music degree to enter the teaching field. Students will be able to teach in primary and secondary schools as well as community college when they earn a master’s degree. Many people entering this career earn their bachelor’s degree at a traditional school, and then earn a master’s in music education online. A music degree is also beneficial for students interested in conducting an orchestra or directing an opera stage.

Whether you are interested in helping your community or participating in the performing arts, earning a degree can help you achieve your career goals. Many professional careers in the public sector require a degree or licensure. Begin a degree program today to prepare for the career of your dreams.

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