Interviewing: A Guide
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 I love interviews.
I love interviews.

I love interviews. It’s a strange thing to love, but the prospect of an interview for me is exciting, challenging and most importantly, it gives me a chance to talk about how awesome I am. But when I work with a student and the prospect of a college interview comes up, I see the terror and anxiety come across my student’s face. Here are some tips I have shared with my students.

1. Do Your Best: an interview is not a life or death situation, but if you come across as elitist or acting like you don’t care, it can absolutely prevent you from getting accepted to your dream college

2. Dress to Impress: Business casual is always the best approach, no bright colors and tight clothes. First impressions are key and if you dress shabbily then it could be seen as a sign of disrespect.

3. Arrive early: Be prepared, do your research and bring a notepad and pen. When you arrive early you are showing the interviewer that you care.

4. Be comfortable expressing yourself: My students struggle with stating their accomplishments. There is a way to sound humble while also stating how fantastic you are. Start your sentences with, “I am grateful to have been a part of…” or “I have been fortunate to…”

5. Be self-aware: We communicate nonverbally more than we do verbally, so check your posture, do not maintain eye contact, use your hands a lot when talking, etc.

6. For first-timers, do a Mock Interview: Have someone you trust conduct a mock interview and give you feedback. They will be able to make note of your nonverbal communication.

7. Have a list of questions: Ask about the school (especially about things that are not on the website). Feel free to take notes during the interview.

8. Send a thank-you to the interviewer.