National Video Games Day- Top 4 Reasons Why Video Games Help You Learn!
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national-video-games-dayIt’s National Video Games Day so we at ThinkTank Learning wanted to help you celebrate by sharing some fun facts as to why gaming can help you learn and grow as a person!

Fact 1: People who play action-based games make accurate decisions 25% faster                  
In the one study, from PBS participants aged 14 to 25 were split into two groups. One group played 50 hours of the action-packed first-person shooter games “Call of Duty 2” and “Unreal Tournament,” and the other group played 50 hours of the simulator game “The Sims 2.” The action game players made decisions 25% faster in a task unrelated to playing video games, without sacrificing accuracy. This is because in action games you have to use both sides of your brain and be creative as well as work in a team

Fact 2: Video Games Encourage Exercise                                                      
Researchers have found that playing games on a Nintendo Wii like Wii Sports or Dance Dance Revolution that force people to get up and move for 20 minutes at a time is a legitimate and potentially more interesting alternative to traditional aerobic exercise. Another study in the journal Pediatrics found that playing games like Dance Dance Revolution was equivalent to moderate intensity exercise for kids, making it a “a safe, fun, and valuable means of promoting energy expenditure,” according to the study.

Fact 3: Video Games Promote Team Building and Fun
Games like Halo or World of Warcraft that requires you to work in team but not always be in the same room force you to make quick decisions and work together by communicating via chat. The fact that you must depend on others makes you work as a team and delegate tasks to come together for a common goal of winning!

Fact 4: Kids who play sports games are more likely to then go play the real sport          
New research from the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture finds that kids who play sports games are over time more likely to actually go and play the real version of the sport, as reported in Pacific Standard.

It can be hard for kids to learn the ins and outs of a sport, but playing a virtual version of soccer, football, or hockey helps them learn the rules and basic skills before they get onto the field or rink. It can also help build confidence when the teen is out doing the sport in real life!

We at Think Tank Learning want our students to be well-rounded and enjoy life so after you’re done studying go play a video game! ☺

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