Pets & Hearts – Making an Impact on Children and the Community
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When Gina Fang found out that there was a lack of engaging therapy programs for children affected with autism and other disabilities in the City of Milpitas, she chose to lead the initiative P &H Pets and hearts, a donated-funded program that helps students who need extra attention engage with their environment.

The non profit organization, operated by volunteers, provides crafts, games, and time with pets, to improve social and interaction skills.

“I love seeing kids smile and laugh at something I did,”  Fang said.

Fang is competing in the first annual PitchFest- Fostering Hu’Mentality in Entrepreneurship at the Santa Clara Convention Center Saturday August 27th.

The competition, open to all students, aims to promote passion in making an impact in the community and provides the ability to demonstrate leadership qualities on college applications with a signature project. Cash rewards range from $1000 for 3rd place, $2500 for second place, and $5000 for the student who demonstrates the most impact, effectiveness, and ability to carry out and deliver their project.


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