The College Admission Authority Podcast- Ep. 2
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CAA#2- Get Ready For PCAP Season!

We have had a busy summer and have been featured on KLOK’s morning Radio Show! We have compiled some of these podcasts from the Radio Show for your listening pleasure.

In this 7/19 episode, Senior Marketing Manager Amanda Holst talks about the launch of pre-college admissions prep. Listen and learn here:

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ThinkTank Learning has been helping to create a better future for your child since 2002. As the premier after school education program in California and specializing in college admissions, ThinkTank’s job is simple: to help discover that unique gift that makes your child special. Through proper guidance and encouragement, TTL’s programs will help to fulfill your son or daughter’s potential by helping them develop personality traits for life- and allowing them to flourish in this highly competitive world! Peace of Mind is knowing that you’ve done all you could to apply with the best chances of admission.

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