Time Crisis: How to Properly Manage Your Time as a New Student
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Time Crisis: How to Properly Manage Your Time as a New Student


By Dixie S.

Going to college is an exciting venture. But it’s also a lot of work, and sometimes it seems like there’s just not time for everything. In college, time is a valuable commodity. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your time without feeling overwhelmed.

Get Organized

Students can waste a lot of time looking for class material. Have a pocket folder for each class. Put your notes and handouts on one side and schedules and assignments on the other. Date everything carefully and organize everything by dates. This goes for electronic information, too. Don’t jumble everything together on your flash drive. Make a folder for each class, then make subfolders for the class for study materials, instructor’s directions, and so on.

Make a Schedule

Two things will be a great help–a monthly calendar and a weekly priority list. On a calendar, either paper or electronic, write down everything important you have to do for the month. That way, you can see the whole month at a glance and start on projects that will take a long time. A weekly priority list is for projects that are due sooner, so you know to get to them right away. With these two organizational tools, you’re not likely to be surprised by a big assignment that’s due tomorrow.

Study Effectively

Make the most of your study time. Study hard subjects when you’re at your sharpest. Study in blocks of 50 minutes, and give yourself a 10-minute break. Review each subject for a short period each day, rather than in one large block; you’ll remember the material better. Do some studying either before or after class to reinforce what you learned in class. Use odd minutes, such as while riding the bus, to study. Email your notes to yourself and study them on your phone.

Consider Online Classes

We live in a great age where we can learn at home any time. If you work 9 to 5 and have to pick up kids at 5:30, online classes might be right for you. You save commuting time and have greater flexibility, and you also learn new computer skills while you’re taking the class. Plus, associated costs are lower, so you may be able to free up time by working less. You can even work towards rewarding careers by choosing online schools for radiology. Being able to work in financially rewarding jobs is attainable with online degrees.

College is a great investment, and it can be more enjoyable if you plan and organize. Good time management can help you succeed and have a better college experience.

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