Why Do I Need My Consultant?
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By Samuel Fung

I have a Geometry test to study for tomorrow.

Basketball practice ran late.

My friends are going to hang out and get boba.

I can handle this myself.

Every student is busy, and the competition for much coveted spots at universities only gets tougher each year. It is no wonder that students are packing their schedules with more difficult classes and extracurricular activities to look good on their college applications. Between all of the activities, students have even less time to eat, sleep, and hang out with their friends. It is no wonder that asking a student for an hour of their precious time to come out and see a consultant is such a daunting task. That is why at ThinkTank Learning, we strive to make these consultation meetings impactful, insightful, and inspirational to really make the most out of the one hour meetings.

When a student first starts high school, it is easy for them to fall into the misconception that they will always have more time to make decisions. For some of the much sought after majors like computer science, engineering, and business, freshman year of high school may even be considered as starting late. But even before deciding what major you want to study, how are you going to make it through high school? What classes should you take? How are you going to adapt to the high school culture? What clubs should you join? Should you volunteer? It can be a terrifying task that overwhelms a lot of students, especially if they are not familiar with the school environment and are still making new friends. Students can go through the first year of high school feeling lost, and many of them will put off making big decisions until later. To avoid this, it is always helpful to talk to someone that has been through the high school experience before. Our consultants here can help students get through this first year of school and make sure that they are on track.

Once a student has gone through the first year of high school and has finally decided on pursuing a college major, then what? What should you do if you are applying to a competitive major? What relevant experiences, classes, and tests should you take in order to be the best possible applicant? What if you want to change majors midway through high school? There are a lot of possibilities and pathways available, and often students get lost in the chaos of school and forget what their main goals are. It is important to always keep the main goal in sight, and the consultants here can help students do that.

Sometimes, days in school just don’t go your way. It can be easy to get caught up in a bad grade, a hard project, or trouble with your classmates. One underutilized feature of consultants is that you can always reach out to them and just talk. Consultants are available via e-mail and phone and are happy to help you through a rough day. It is important to remember that your consultant is your personal guide throughout high school and beyond. If you feel the need to confide something, customize your life plan, or just need someone to vent to, we are here.

Now, with the advent of online consulting, it is easier than ever to reach out to us from anywhere you want. No longer do you have to travel long distances to the center to reach your consultant – you can talk to him or her from the comfort of your own home. Have a hectic schedule? Online meetings allow us to be more flexible and accommodate for the more dynamic schedule students often experience. Regardless of your situation, we are here to help you.