Adam Lewis

Lead Education Consultant

University of Pittsburgh
B.A. Writing / B.A. History




Application Specialties

Academic Advising and Planning
Essay Editing
Teaching and Tutoring
College Prep / Life Coach



Adam Lewis is an education expert with many years of experience in the field. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in professional writing. He earned a second major in history, focusing on the early American time period. University life fostered a love of education and learning, eventually leading him to Beijing, where he pursued teaching.

It was in China that he expanded his desire to work with young people and help them pursue their educational dreams. His five-year teaching experience revealed how easy it was for him to connect with his high school and junior high students.  Outside of this ability to relate, Adam was able to improve his student’s abilities though creative coursework, projects, and engaging discussions. Knowing that each student is unique and learns differently was key to his success as an educator.

His time in the classroom and education experience blends well with his consulting work. He is able to reach students on a more meaningful level, construct reachable goals, and guide students along the path to academic success. Whether it’s the title of teacher or consultant, Adam’s main purpose in helping student’s reach their dreams remains the same.

Adam views education as the cornerstone of civilization. It’s the basis for everything we have in our lives and everything that we will have. Everyone should take it upon themselves to be educated and not dwell in ignorance. With an education anyone can be anything, do anything, and go anywhere. Adam’s job as a consultant is to kindle that belief in the student and help them grow into successful people.




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