Chen Liu

Senior Education Consultant

M.A. in Economics, UCLA
B.S. in Mathematics/Economics, UCLA




Application Specialties

International Students, Transfer Applicants, Graduate Applicants



Chen received her B.S. in Mathematics/Economics and M.A. in Economics from UCLA. Besides studying Economic Theory in graduate school, Chen worked as a teaching assistant for various undergraduate courses. Having been with Think Tank Learning since 2014, Chen has helped her students get into top colleges and research programs with her knowledge and passion.

In addition to her strong background in Math and Economics, she spends her spare time learning statistical programming in business analysis at UCB Extension; it allows her to provide more insight to the students who are interested in engineering, finance, and math-related fields. Chen enjoys wildlife photography and watercolor, and she volunteers at a local animal shelter. She believes that while academics should always take priority, only a well-balanced life can lead to long-term success as a person, and she would like to guide her students to achieve that goal.

“Be proud of being a nerd and/or geek as long as you have a life.”

My Blogs

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