Darian Brooks

MCP Consultant

B.A. in Psychology, Stanford University




Application Specialties

Psychology, Child Development



Darian graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. During his time at Stanford, he studied Child Development and Community Psychology while also competing on the Track and Field team.

He worked as an Academic Counselor for the Rainier Scholars program in south Seattle, WA, where he advocated the importance of education and opportunity within underrepresented groups. He is driven by his student’s success which is why he challenges them to absorb and perpetuate the habits of true scholars. Students that work with Darian will discover and develop skills in leadership, time-management, organization, and self-advocacy. 

In the past, Darian has also been a Track and Field coach and mentor. Not only helping kids excel in athletics, but also teaching and accentuating the importance of academia along with general life coaching and a student-life balance. With previous experience as a student-athlete and community volunteer, he understands the stress behind balancing responsibilities. Darian puts emphasis on maintaining success in school, discovering a career passion and goal setting.

Darian strives to be the best motivator and leader by using his excellent analysis and problem-solving skills to identify key strengths and weaknesses, create an achievable plan, and ensure the best possible outcome.


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