Emily Garrison

Education Consultant

B.A. in Playwriting, Brown University, Pre-Med Track




Application Specialties

Liberal Arts Colleges, Engineering/Pre-Med, Theater/Performance



Emily graduated from Brown University with a degree in Playwriting, and was a pre-medical student. She conducted research with Hasbro Children’s Hospital on infant behavior and on last-mile medical technology in Udaipur, India. Emily was a peer tutor at Brown in Calculus, Statistics, Spanish, and Biology, and continued tutoring and teaching after graduation. Emily is a Master Tutor with TTL, where she focuses on standardized test prep and STEM subjects.

Emily’s students have been accepted at University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Barnard College, Whitman College, and many others. She emphasizes strong writing and storytelling skills to help students convey their most genuine self in their college applications.




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