Eugenia Kaw

Senior Education Consultant

Ph.D. in Anthropology, Princeton University
M.A. in Education, San Francisco State University
Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, California
B.A. in Anthropology, UC Berkeley





Career Fields

Medical Anthropology, Media Studies, Asian Cultures and Religions, Cultural Anthropology, Training K-12 Teachers, Pedagogy to Help English Learners


Areas of Expertise

Curriculum Development, Research, Ethnography, Journalism, Goal Setting, Publishing in Scholarly Journals and Magazines



Eugenia is a published author and educator who received her PhD. in anthropology from Princeton University. She completed her BA from the U C Berkeley and received her Master’s Degree in Education from San Francisco State University. She also holds a Multiple Subjects Clear Teaching Credential (CLAD). Eugenia has enjoyed being an educator for more than 15 years. Anthropology has provided her with a deep understanding that it is important to listen. She sees each student’s story, talents and backgrounds as unique and distinguished. Additionally, the education field has provided her with the ability to readily assess students’ strengths and needs, enabling her to give each student and their families the best advice and tools to help realize the student’s dreams.

My Blogs

– Humility in College Essays




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