Katie Matlock

College Admissions Consultant

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential - UC Irvine
B.A. in Creative Writing - University of Southern California
B.A. in Philosophy - University of Southern California




Application Specialties

Writing Workshop Summer Programs, Creative College Essays


Career Fields

Teaching, Tutoring, Theater Management


Areas of Expertise

Creative Writing



Before coming to ThinkTank Learning, Katie worked with students in grades 1-12 as a teacher and specialized critical reading and writing instructor and, most recently, a college and career club counselor. Working with students inspired Katie to obtain her teaching credential through UC Irvine in 2010.

While an undergraduate at USC, Katie taught writing classes to ESL students through USC’s Joint Educational Project for three years. She also had the opportunity to take workshops with such prolific authors as T.C. Boyle and Aimee Bender, learning to write, critique, edit and rewrite essays at a professional level in all genres.

She won the Virginia Middleton Undergraduate Creative Writing Prize in 2007 and had her works published in USC’s literary magazine, Palaver. In her free time, Katie enjoys being outside, exploring new places, playing board games, and reading anything she can get her hands on.


“I believe that too much emphasis is placed on grades, test scores and achievements. Instead, I encourage my students to pursue their passions, explore their curiosities, and develop as whole people so that they graduate prepared to succeed in college. Many students are surprised to find that college is about more than succeeding academically. It is about making decisions and connections that will determine the direction of the rest of their lives. My job is to ensure my students leave for college prepared to make the right ones.”




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