Lia Tanti

College Admissions Consultant

M.A. in French and Comparative Literature, University of Lyon
B.A. in French, UC Santa Barbara





Career Fields

Teaching, Advising/Counseling, Translation


Areas of Expertise

Language Teaching and Acquisition, French, German, Creative Writing, Editing



Lia discovered her passion for languages and literature as a student at UC Santa Barbara, which led her to pursue graduate studies in France. Eager to experience life in another foreign country, Lia moved to the international city of Heidelberg, Germany. There, she worked as a language teacher, helping students improve their language skills using both traditional and contemporary methods.

Lia has always enjoyed working with students, encouraging them to recognize their own potential and reach their academic goals.


“I encourage my students to take an active role in their own education. This means continually striving for personal growth, thinking outside the box when it comes to exploring their interests, and developing a sense of social responsibility. Students should demonstrate what matters to them through their actions.”


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