Samuel Fung

Education Consultant

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley




Application Specialties

Engineering and Computer Science Applications
STEM students
Essay brainstorming, revising, and editing
Course planning



Longtime Bay Area native Samuel Fung grew up in San Francisco’s Richmond District and attended George Washington High School. Sam went to the University of California, Berkeley, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  

Over the past six years, Sam used his technical background to teach students in various subjects, like robotics and computer science.  Sam has served as Director/CEO of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization delivering a STEM education experience to East Bay students.  The organization serves about 1,000 individuals each year, and many students cite the program as a huge help in getting them into college.

Sam likes to focus on the key aspects of a student’s personality that make him or her memorable and stand out amidst the increasingly competitive applicant pools.  By working intensively on essays and selectively choosing activities that represent the true goals of the student, Sam aims to provide the student with a complete package to convincingly promote all of the student’s achievements.

Sam also volunteers for other service organizations in his free time.  His philosophy is to always help and teach others, no matter the circumstances.  As a consultant, he hopes to impact the lives of as many students as possible.


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