With our well-designed MCP program, you can gain access to the best college admissions experts in the country. All our MCP consultants received higher education from prestigious universities and have a track record of coaching their students to get into top-ranked universities. Furthermore, they are hand-picked specialists with backgrounds in different academic subject areas, carrying diverse professional experiences, which we believe can serve each student’s unique needs.

While being oriented towards college admissions results, our elite consultant team is also attentive to perfecting the process via coaching students on developing lifelong beneficial learning habits. Please be aware that to optimize service quality, our consultants can only take a limited number of students every year. Sign up ASAP to get a spot!


Choose among a group of most experienced consultants. You may meet with different consultants for an introductory meeting.


Emergency office hours in-person once a week by a field consultant at a local center. Our proprietary mobile app, TT Messenger, allows you to chat with a consultant at your convenience.


All meetings are recorded and accessible to clients.

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90% of Our Students are Accepted to Their 1st Choice School

National TOP 40

83% are Accepted to the Top-40 Nationally Ranked Universities

Our All-in-One college admissions program gives you the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to investing in your child’s education. This package is our most popular, and is tailored for junior high (J-AIOP), high school (AIOP), and college transfer (T-AIOP) students.

The AIOP package is designed for those who need help discovering their passions, but also for those need help making their passions a reality. We’ll take care of all the college admissions details every step of the way, while you focus on being a student. Our AIOP college admissions package includes all-inclusive academic preparation, extracurricular planning, and test preparation needs. We are with you until the day you get accepted into your dream school and graduate from high school.
This program is especially designed for freshman and sophomores(first-semester) in high school. Our team will transform you into the ideal college applicant, so we are willing to guarantee your admission into top-ranking universities. We are the only company that offers a 100% money back guarantee. Let’s work together to make your educational dreams come true.
Each student receives a dedicated personal admissions consultant who supervises the application process from beginning to final submission. Our consultants start with a comprehensive intake procedure in order to deeply know each student. They subsequently help each student brainstorm creative and unique responses to personal statements and essays, providing individualized strategic positioning tips during the final submission. The result is a set of winning applications that are sent to a student’s dream schools. The thrill never gets old!

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Alan Hsu

Saratoga High School, scored 1600 on the SAT.

My scores skyrocketed, from a lackluster 1490 to a mind-boggling 1600. Indeed, such a high score would be impossible without the professional aid of those at Thinktank. As such, I sincerely thank everyone at ThinkTank and encourage anybody that covets a high score to join ThinkTank.


Michelle Li

Monta Vista High School, scored 1570 on the SAT.

I took the SAT Summer Boot Camp in 2013 before my junior year. It was extremely helpful in helping me achieve the score I wanted. I learned many tips and tricks. I became familiar with the types of questions that typically appear on the SAT. For instance, the preparation time spent on the critical reading section taught me how to deconstruct and analyze essay content within a minimum amount of time. The class also broadened my vocabulary, in both the critical reading and essay writing sections. ThinkTank’s SAT Summer Boot Camp really prepared me for the SAT!


Rick Da

San Mateo High School, scored 1580 on the SAT.

Before having gone to ThinkTank’s SAT Summer Boot Camp, I struggled to improve my SAT score. The Boot Camp exposed me to new ways to approach the SAT questions. Without Thinktank Learning’s help, I would not have been able to achieve the score I wanted – on my first try. I highly recommend that you take advantage of the valuable services ThinkTank’s SAT Boot Camp provides.


Alex Wu

Carlmont High School, scored 1550 on the SAT.

I had never attended anything like ThinkTank before and had no prior experience with the SAT. The SAT boot camp was an excellent introduction to the test and helped me quickly get accustomed to standardize testing. It undoubtedly played a large role in my obtaining of a high score, and I would definitely recommend the SAT Boot Camp to anyone willing to put in the effort to improve their score in a very short time.


Lillian Dong

Mission San Jose High School, scored 1600 on the SAT.

I enrolled in SAT I boot camp at ThinkTank Fremont center Summer of 2013. It was certainly a great help for me to understand how SAT works as the teachers there are professional and helpful. We went through a lot of practices and the classes were fun and practical. I liked the way teachers have in-depth discussions and interactive sessions in classes. The class drills and homework helped me re-organize the knowledge learned in school, and gave me guidance on what to concentrate more on. I was quite confident after the boot camp classes and I got a score of 1600 on the Dec 2013 test.


Jasmine Wong

St. Francis High School, scored 1550 on the SAT.

The summer of my sophomore year, I attended SAT classes at ThinkTank Learning. Truth be told, when I first entered these classes, I thought that it would just be boring summer school. These classes were actually entertaining as our proctor would play vocabulary games and always make room for discussion. In my opinion, the most precious aspect of this class was the practice tests. ThinkTank provided a structured schedule of test taking that motivated me to improve my score each week. Overall, ThinkTank was essential to my high score. Thank you ThinkTank!


Alexander Luh

Agape Christian School, scored 1570 on the SAT. Accepted to MIT, Princeton.

I would definitely recommend TTL’s college counseling service to my friends. It has definitely made the application process less stressful. My counselor, Johnny, was extremely helpful to me during the essay writing process. I was impressed that he took time to get to know me better. I truly appreciate the one-on-one time that he spent with me, brainstorming essay topics. He really helped me to see my own life experiences from a different perspective. My counselor’s knowledge and point of view was very helpful when we revised my writing. Thank you so much for the real time feedback and for your dedication to helping students.