Chris A. Batiste-Boykin

MTP Instructor

B.A. from U.C. Berkley, majored in Political Science





English Writing


Chris Batiste-Boykin is a recent dual JD/MBA graduate from the University of San Francisco School’s of Law and Management. He attended the University of California at Berkeley for his undergraduate studies and majored in Political Science and African American Studies. Chris is originally from Los Angeles, but has lived in the Bay Area for nearly 20 years, consequently, he loves all parts of California, both NorCal and SoCal. He also has a passion for fitness, sports, politics, music, literature, and he is discovering the dormant foodie living deep within, craving many of the Bay Area’s tasty food offerings. Chris has tutored or taught students since he was a student, working as a tutor throughout high school, undergraduate, and graduate schools where he assisted younger students and colleagues. Chris has worked with a range of students, from those seeking to improve standardized test scores to students seeking to improve in specific subjects. Chris believes in a hands-on approach using empirical data–such as test performance and status updates–to help guide students towards improved grade achievement or test performance.




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