David Kazarinoff

Senior Instructor

B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Music, University of San Diego







David earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UC San Diego with minors in Music and Science and his teaching credential in English from San Francisco State University. As an undergraduate, he also took several classes at other bay area institutions: Ohlone College, Chabot College, and Cal State Hayward (now Cal State East Bay). As a postgraduate, David especially enjoyed taking the required classes to renew and retain his credential at UCLA.


David has explored many different subjects throughout his academic and professional career, but Think Tank Learning gives him the opportunity to concentrate on teaching English. The areas of English he most often teaches are beginning English for students who do not speak English as their first language, grammar and essay composition, and vocabulary. David has also taught courses at TTL that prepare high school students for the English and Reading sections of the ACT test. In addition to teaching classes, David also tutors individual students in preparation for the ACT and TOEFL tests (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Plus, many of the students he tutors also need help with their various assignments from their English classes in their Junior High and High Schools. These assignments usually include literature, essay writing, and vocabulary. David works with many students who attend three local schools that are walking distance from the TTL Fremont center: Chadbourne Elementary, Hopkins Junior High, and Mission San Jose High School. David himself attended these three schools, one when Jimmy Carter was President!


Before becoming an instructor at Think Tank Learning, David worked for Fremont Unified School District for six years. His duties included substitute teaching in a variety of subjects including Special Education and teaching English full time. He then moved to Los Angeles and worked for Los Angeles Unified School District for ten years where he taught English and
Special Education.


Like many, both teachers and students, David is adjusting to the modern models of education. He enjoys the smaller class sizes typically found at Think Tank because they allow more focused instruction for small groups and individual students. He has experience with online instruction as well, working with students who take online high school English classes from Brigham Young University in Utah. These students who take the BYU online classes usually take them because they are behind in English and need the credits to catch up so they can graduate from high school on time. He has also worked with students from other parts of the country using video conferencing that allows the instructor and student to work together even if they are thousands of miles apart. Recent changes and developments at ThinkTank now allow for even more of this kind of teaching and tutoring that relies on increasing amounts of modern technology. David looks forward to the future, working with students with a variety of needs including many international students.




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