Emily Garrison

MTP Instructor

Brown University





English, Math, Biology, Spanish


Emily Garrison is a graduate from Brown University, where she studied Theater and Writing, and was also a pre-medical student. Emily was a peer tutor at Brown in Calculus, Statistics, and Spanish, and she then pursued her love of teaching in New York, where she is a tutor for middle school and high school students. Emily has also taught Algebra in a classroom setting and worked as a Teacher’s Assistant, so she is experienced in one-on-one as well as group environments. Emily got a perfect score on the ACT, and loves to work with students on test strategies as well as on test content.


While she was in college, Emily spent a summer in Udaipur, India, working on a medical technology research study analyzing rural vaccination rates. She hopes to pursue medicine or public health in the future, with a focus on global health and medical technology. Currently, she’s involved in the New York theater community, and loves to look for cross-disciplinary connections between performance, writing, and medicine. Emily works particularly well with students who succeed in a creative learning environment. She emphasizes critical thinking, and will ask lots of questions and encourage students to come up with real-world analogies and practice problems for their work.


Emily specializes in high school math, high school science, and standardized test preparation. With a strong background in English and writing, Emily is also an adept essay editor and can aide students from the brainstorming phase through their final drafts. Emily has worked with several students in college essays and admissions prep, and has a strong pool of knowledge to draw from to help students identify colleges where they will succeed. Emily focuses on the stories students can tell in their applications to make their unique personality traits and skills shine. Most of all, as an ambitious and positive thinker, Emily believes that with strong guidance and hard work, students can achieve their dreams.




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